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S h e e t  M u s i c  S a m p l e s / P r e v i e w s  F o r  6 / 8  M u s i c

Some songs have a short Audio/Midi sample available for the score. These educational Midi files contain the chords and melodies and can be used as a reference/learning tool.


                                What can a reference Midi file do for you? 


1) If you want to improve your note reading skills  

2) If you want to learn how the chords and the melodies work together

3) If you play by ear and do not need the notes, but just a midi file ...etc


Regardless of what the reason may be, you can simply load the midi file into your

Midi device or computer sequencer software. Then you can play the midi at a

slower tempo and start learning the song more comfortably.


You can purchase the full educational midi files and sheet music together or separately.


Feel free to contact me for pricing and services.


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