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Audio & Midi Karaoke / Backing Tracks

           Please note that Karaoke/Backing tracks are available in two formats: Midi and Audio




1) Midi does NOT have any sound of its own. In other words, the playback quality highly depends on the Midi device that you are using. Example: If you use a computer with a cheap soundcard or a CASIO Keyboard to playback the Midi files, you will NOT get the same performance quality as if

you use a more professional Midi device with better sounds.


2) All Midi files are programmed with individual instruments on separate tracks. That means you will be able to Solo or Mute desired track or tracks. You can even delete or modify tracks to your own taste.


3) You can change the Tempo and the Key of the midi files.


4) You can change the Instrument or sound of every track within the Midi file.





1) Audio tracks do NOT need a Midi device for playback. You can simply transfer them to your

computer, iPod, iPad, Cellphones or any kind of device capable of playing back audio files.


2) Audio backing tracks are just standard stereo mp3 or wave music files which means you can NOT Solo or Mute individual tracks.


3) Audio backing tracks do not have the main Vocal melody recorded in them, so you can sing or

play the part yourself.


4) All tracks are recorded in the original Key and Tempo; however, I can provide tracks in different keys if needed.






It all depends. These are the type of questions you should ask youself:


1) Do you own any good quality Midi devices?

2) Do you play/Sing at home? Do you perform with a band?

3) Do you need to have access to individual instruments so you could solo and mute them?

4) Are you just a Vocalist? Guitarist?

5) Are you an experienced Midi editor? Do you want to use the files in your software sequencers?

6) Do you just want to plug your iPod to a mixer/loud speaker and sing along? so you don't

want to carry heavy instruments with you? ... etc.


Depending on how you answered these questions, you can decide which format will work better

for your needs. Some people choose one or the other and some choose both formats. Each file format is sold separately.









with individual

Which file format is the best choice for you?

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